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CARLA HALL'S SOUTHER Online Ordering Menu

Chicken Plates
The Jefferson 1Leg / 1Thigh
All dark meat.
12 South 1Breast / 1Thigh
Some white and some dark.
By the Bucket
East Park Daily Special | Mixed Bucket
6 pc white + dark combo. 1 Heat Level per order.
Southern Picnics
Wait time on these delicious picnics is 45 mins.
I Swear I Cooked
16 pcs Chicken: Leg, Thigh, Breast, Wing. Choice of 5 sides. Choice of 13 pc Bread.
Sunday Supper
8 pcs Chicken: Leg, Thigh, Breast, Wing. Choice of 3 Sides. Choice of 6 pc Bread.
Dipping Sauces
*Honey Mustard
*Sweet Heat Sauce
*White BBQ
Hot Oils
#2 (Hoot & Honey)
#3 (Hoot)
#4 (Hootie Hoot)
#5 (Hoot-N-Nannie)
#6 (Boomshakalaka)
Specials Of The Day
Wings - 6pc
Wings - 12pc
Baked throughout the night. Try it with Nashville Jam and butter. So good.
thelma says......keep the sugar in the desserts. Our cornbread is not a corn cake. Think savory and southern.
This is the staple side of Sunday Supper. LOVE
Cools the hot chicken and gives the bite some fresh crunch.
This dish is a labor of love. Hard to make and it takes time but it is all about the greens.
Mac N Cheese
Baked until delicious.
Soup Beans
Pickles N' Things
Chow Chow Relish
This is what I call Permanent Salad because it is PERMANENTLY IN MY FRIDGE.
Xxxxxtra Pickles
N/A Drinks
Frozen Arnold Palmer
Slushy of deliciousness.
Iced Tea
Classic black tea made with lemon peel .
Handmade in house. Not overly sweet.
Sparkling Water
Saratoga in 12 oz blue glass bottle
Still Water
Saratoga in 12 oz blue glass bottle
Sweet Tea Soda
Made using our house made sweet tea syrup. Sweet tea but lighter with bubbles!
Half n' Half
(Lemonade/iced tea)
Nana Puddin
Signature dessert of ours.
Pound Cake
Caramel Bars
Caramel, pretzel and chocolate. Made in a nut free facility
Vanilla Shortbread
Chicken By The Piece (online)
Legs (online)
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